music of the week: beatnation records' cyber beatnation 2 -hi speed conclusion-

cover of cyber beatnation 2 -hi speed conclusion- by beatnation records
beatnation records, cyber beatnation 2 -hi speed conclusion- - 2011.12.07

length: 1:10:37

genre: trance, j-core, happy hardcore, edm

  1. 1. cream puff - mermaid girl (ryu☆remix)
  2. 2. ryu☆ - second heaven (risk junk remix)
  3. 3. dj yoshitaka - flower (ryu☆ remix)
  4. 4. ryu☆ feat. lucky vacuum - I'm so happy
  5. 5. ryu☆ - mind mapping (kors k mix)
  6. 6. sota fujimori - fly above (ryu☆remix)
  7. 7. hhh×mm×st - follow tomorrow (l.e.d.-g style mix)
  8. 8. kors k - sigsig (ryu☆remix)
  9. 9. hhh - ignited night (redalice remix)
  10. 10. dj taka - absolute (ryu☆remix)
  11. 11. 青龍 - waxing and wanding (jakazid's 新月 remix)
  12. 12. ryu☆ - bass 2 bass (dj max steroid remix)
  13. 13. prim - 恋する☆宇宙戦争っ!! (ryu☆remix)
  14. 14. ryu☆ - sakura reflection (dj shimamura remix)
  15. 15. ryu☆ - starmine (hommarju remix)
  16. 16. 雷龍 - thunderbolt (extended ver.)

favorite track - ryu☆ - starmine (hommarju remix)

second favorite track - prim - 恋する☆宇宙戦争っ!!

believe it or not, this is sung by mayumi morinaga, aka senya.

the label that released this album, which is an internal recording label of konami's bemani music branch, has been on hiatus for about ten years. however, I think the album is available to purchase on apple music. you can also try and get the cd here.

Chances are, if an artist appears on remywiki (a website documenting rhythm games / rhythm game music), I probably love them. so of course, I've been listening to this album nonstop all this week.

I'm a huge fan of high-speed, high-energy and especially intentionally crazy music like denpa (post on that coming soon). on top of that, this album is essentially a megamix. with the average bpm somewhere around 180, each song flows seamlessly into the next one. listening through the entire album in order is such a great experience — and I've done it multiple times over the past week or so while writing code.

I'm not going to go over every song, but just know that if you like rhythm-game adjacent music in general, especially the type of music featured in the bemani series or dance dance revolution, you'll probably like this album. here are some of the tracks I thought were really notable:

track five - ryu☆ - mind mapping (kors k mix).

kors k, a massive name in the rhythm game scene, remixing one of the most well-known iidx empress tracks of all time. empress was probably my favorite in the series in terms of new tracks, because it also brought other legendary songs like kors k's smooooch・∀・. mind mapping, of course, is one of those bangers — and this remix is pretty intense.

track twelve - ryu☆ - bass 2 bass (dj max steroid remix).

another legendary song from the original jubeat. sota fujimori (dj max steroid, sota, system s.f.) brings bass 2 bass to a whole new level with complex synth riffs, some fat basslines, and of course, a higher bpm.

track fifteen - ryu☆ - starmine (hommarju remix).

this is definitely one of the most powerful songs on the album. it's a remix of a song from ryu's first album, starmine, and it's done by one of the greatest producers to ever come from the exit tunes label. it's a very well known fact that hommarju has never made a bad song. this remix is not an exception to that rule — just one of the most legendary rhythm game / doujin producers bringing the heat again.

thanks for reading! I'm still listening to music ninety percent of my waking hours, so I'll keep getting these music-related posts out as much as I can. maybe I'll introduce someone to their new favorite artist. see you next time (probably next week with another album of the week).