album of the week: ゆくえしれずつれづれ's antino未deology.

cover of antino未deology by ゆくえしれずつれづれ
ゆくえしれずつれづれ, antino未deology - 2016.5.11

length: 22:08

genre: idol, j-pop, hardcore, electronic

  1. 1. ideology
  2. 2. 凶葬詩壱鳴り
  3. 3. 群青
  4. 4. つれづれ賛歌
  5. 5. 新宿シネマコネクション
  6. 6. 鏡想唱二鳴り

every once in a while I crave a very specific set of generes. this album was exactly what I needed this weekend, and I didn't even know it. yesterday, while looking for something, I came across a file that contained music recommendations for future me. Irandomly picked one from the list, and this album became the perfect coincedence.

every track has a similar feeling of barely being held together. the tenuity of the vocals, the harshness of the screams, and the wandering melodies all make this album a really emotional experience. if you like babyraids, bis, fruitpochette, etc., then I think you'll probably like this album.

favorite tracks:

track two: 凶葬詩壱鳴り feat. ぜんぶ君のせいだ。.

this is one of the first songs I heard by this band, and part of the reason I got hooked. the way it smoothly flows between melancholy, wandering singing and raw screaming immediately entranced me. anything with this degree of stylistic contrast is bound to be at least a little interesting, of course. as a general idol fan, I always love hearing the variety of the different voices as well, and the voices of yukueshirezutsuredzure do not disappoint.

track five: 新宿シネマコネクション.

this music video is one of their best, and definitely the best music video out of any of the ones from this album. also, I actually really like the use of the "autotune" pitch-correction sound in this song. sprinkled here and there, it really does make nice seasoning for a track like this.

track three: 群青.

群青 means "ultramarine". to be honest, my japanese is too mediocre to understand the meaning of the song, and the lyrics seem kind of confusing. besides that, it's a really good song. it's one of the more fast-paced songs on the album, and a really good mid-point, I think!

other things:

for whatever reason, this entire album reminds me of the feeling I get when I listen to sweet escape by ゆるめるモ!.