jpegzilla '19

web designer & creative developer.
I treasure type, motion, and simplicity.
currently seeking new projects.
I'm sure we can be friends, so please get in touch.

/works/emerald — 08 2019
emerald: color palette tool ★
emerald, color palette tool

emerald is a simple color palette creation app. randomize colors, create / export palettes, check contrast, and more.
— software design, development

/works/randomarena — 06 2019
randomarena: random arena block
randomarena tool

randomarena is a small tool I made to allow me to quickly 'surf' through
— programming

/works/cheatcodes — 09 2019
cheatcodes.js: script for creating cheat codes
cheatcodes script

cheatcodes.js is a class for creating "hotkey" or "cheat code" actions in the browser.
— programming

/works/bekin — 09 2019
bekin: networking service
emerald, color palette tool

bekin is a saas startup focused on offering a better networking experience to event attendees.
— web development, web design, graphic design / branding


I will make the
web beautiful.

I am a web designer, creative developer, internet horticulturalist, and digital archaeologist from atlanta, georgia. this is my 2019 portfolio.

I have been exploring various facets of software creation and digital arts for over five years now. I love designing microinteractions, programming beautiful interfaces, and creating sleek animations.

I am currently taking on new projects, so if you need someone with my skills, please get in touch.

SC-02.A [ PARAMETER ] skills:

ux / ui design, frontend web development, motion / interaction design, backend development, web administration

SC-02.B [ PARAMETER ] interests:

digital art, music collection, cryptography, video games (rhythm games [bemani, osu!], fighting games [hisoutensoku, street fighter], smite, metal gear...), biking, game development, color science, and many other things.

SC-02.C [ EXTRA MATERIALS ] documents: résumé pgp key