my favorite serif font yet.

I'm constantly looking for beautiful fonts to use. so, when a musician I really like posted this print (which also taught me about hyperart thomasson, more on that later), I was totally floored. the font was so gorgeous to me.

of course, I immediately asked what it was — and she graciously just handed it to me:

an image of me asking emma what font she used in the poster that she tweeted out.

the font in action looks like this (this was captured from within minerva's akasha):

an image of the font in use, with some random placeholder text.

I later found it on the official epson site as well. it's called epson 正解書体せいかいしょたい (regular block print). enjoy!

hyperart thomasson.

so the other thing that I learned about from that tweet was the concept of hyperart thomasson. I highly recommend reading the wikipedia article if you're interested, but here's the gist of it: hyperart thomasson is a vestigial fragment of architecture or an environment. stairs that lead to a door that no longer exists. a fence that doesn't appear to contain anything. a bridge over a dry channel, and so on.

an image of a useless staircase - 無用階段. it's a short set of stairs in a corner of a building that ascend to an abrupt end at the wall.
by yosukesan - old days, cc by 2.0,

these things fascinate me to no end and have become a concrete source of inspiration. thinking about what might have been there, or thinking of new purposes for seemingly absurd and useless structures is really fun for me. no matter how mundane, these things tell stories — but the people who know the real stories are probably mostly inaccessible to me. I may never know what the staircase once lead to, but it's nice to imagine....

that's all I had to say for today. I'll be back soon! oh also, I just finished writing my thesis of web development and I'd love to hear what you think about it, if you want to read it. I'll write something else soon! see you later.

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